Western Wall Travel Poster


  • Adobe Illustrator

Process Summary

  1. For inspiration, I looked up images of the Western Wall on Pixabay. I combined two pictures to form the base concept – the wall, and the praying man.
  2. I did the wall first. Using the image as a reference layer, I used brushes to trace the cracks and plants to create the wall illustration.
  3. Next, I used the Pen Tool to trace the outline of the tallit, the kippah, the man, the table, and the book.
  4. I wanted a strong, modern font for the poster. The rest of the text was a lot of play-and-experiment to see what fit best.

What I’d Do Over Again

Figuring out how to make the tallit look real was the most difficult part. If I had more time, I’d experiment more with shadows and creases.

Catherine Chen
Catherine Chen

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