Mobile Onboarding Brief

I’m back for another brief! This one is from Briefbox’s Quick UI Challenges, and the goal is to create an onboarding experience for a mobile app.

Choosing the App

We can choose whichever app we want to create onboarding screen layouts for, so there is quite a bit of freedom here.

I’ll make layouts for my own app idea. Since I want to go with something that matters to me, an education app seems like a good choice.

Screen Design

My audience is young adults (high school and college students). The app’s purpose is to help students plan their lives after graduation, starting from higher education and careers to finances. I think I’ll call it FuturePlan.

First, I start with the logo and fonts. Since the app is for students, I choose a modern-looking type like Karla.

For colors, blue gives off a modern feel, so I decide to go with a monochromatic palette ( (I end up using just two colors, though.)

For each screen, I want to place an illustration under the logo, followed by some text. I find illustrations from, then start putting each screen together.

The rest is mostly experimentation. I play around with colors, images, and text to achieve the feel I want for the onboarding.

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