Glasses Product Page Brief

After finishing LIM: Design 101, I started LIM: Design 101B. This brief, a product page for a glasses company, is my first of Briefbox’s Quick UI Challenges.

(I think this design looks a bit like the Fitbit Brief I did a few weeks ago.)

The brief called for a “contemporary, minimalistic” look and “an ample use of white space, muted tones and sans-serif typefaces”.

First, I began by selecting a color palette from Coolors and the Work Sans font for this design brief. I always like to start with colors and fonts, as it gives me inspiration and a feel for the vibe I want the design to give off.

I liked the half-layout background (using a triangle) I made for the Fitbit design. For this brief, I decided to go with a circle (although it turned out to be more of an oval).

To emphasize the product, (a picture I’ll admit I took from a Google search), I enlarged the image and gave it a space of its own.

I played around with the “Havana Glasses” heading. After attempting to place it above the image, I decided it would look better if I moved it to the left. I added a rectangle behind it, melding it with the oval background.

Finally, I finished off the design with an “Add to Cart” button.

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