Fitbit: Health Product Card Design Brief

The second brief I worked on for Design 101 was a health product card. The goal was to highlight the product (Altra HR), making it the center of the design, while also keeping it “bright, modern and up-to-date”.

Note: I am not affiliated with the product.

Product Card Design Requirements

The Product Card must include the main product information, such as the price, the colours and sizes it’s available in, and the main features. More details can be hidden within various drop down sections.

Briefbox Digital & UI 01


Several product card examples given in the brief instructions used a grayish color, sometimes contrasting with white. Using this as a springboard, I chose to create a white background with a gray triangle for the product card. I had to play around with the triangle, product image, and text positioning for a bit, but it ended up working together nicely.


The instructions asked for “a font similar to ‘Proxima Nova'”. Luckily, I was able to use Proxima Nova itself for the design. I tried to keep the typography consistent, yet with different styles to clearly show different text roles.

I played around with regular, bold, and uppercase font/text properties. In the end, I used four different font sizes — 12px, 14px, 16px, and 48px — and two font colors, black and dark gray.

Product Image

This was the singularly most difficult aspect of designing this health product card — the rotation of the product image and the balance between it and the rest of the card.

I had to tweak the angle of the image at the beginning, middle, and end of the design process. The orientation of the image threw the balance of the product card off, which threw me off, and I had to rotate it several different times before I decided I could start working with it. When I switched the image to the other side of the card halfway through the design process, I had to rotate it again. Finally, after finishing the rest of the design, I rotated it one last time.

Designing this was, as always, fun but challenging! However, I think I did a better job on this brief than the first one.

Practice makes perfect. 😃

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