Weekly Inspiration #13

Wow, it’s been a week! It’s passed like a blur . . . I can’t believe it’s almost the last month of the year already. Time flies, as the saying goes.

Random Things

  • bought two secondhand books, Like Dreamers and Israel: An Illustrated Guide (1991?)
  • received a mug from Lattice in the mail; such a nice surprise!
  • watched Twisted: The Untold Story of a Royal Vizier because I had to write a review on it for my theatre class

Books, Books, and More Books

I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading 📚 these past two weeks, as well as updating my Goodreads shelves.

(I just did some counting. Can you believe I read 11.5 books this week?! I’ll be clocking in a few more either tonight or tomorrow, I think.)

I started The Great Library series last Saturday, and finished it on Sunday. 😬 I read the last 3.5 books of the series on 11/22. As you can imagine, it was much too good to put down — I think it’s becoming one of my favorite book series of all time.

Besides The Great Library, I read several other novels this week. Some were powerful, such as The Invisible Boy by Alyssa Hollingsworth (a middle school novel on the subject of child labor and trafficking), and others were simply fun to read (such as Waking in Time and A Sky Painted Gold). I also loved A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder, a mystery novel.

NOTE: I’ve often thought about doing book reviews on this blog or another, but I haven’t yet. I like reading, but I think writing reviews hurts my head. I’ll need to think more about this.

“Write About Yourself”

Yup, it’s the time of the year every high school senior and community college sophomore dreads . . . college application season.

To me, the worst part of it is the essays. I just don’t like writing them, especially when I already have a 5-6 page paper due for my World Literature I class.

I do like to quote myself, though, and I will do so (from my personal essays) below:

To me, creativity is like my lifeline. Running water. The air I breathe. A fresh boost of energy when I’m feeling down.

Catherine Chen

Three years ago, if someone asked me whether or not I wanted to attend public school rather than learn by myself at home, I’d have said “yes”. Today, though, I am glad that was never an option.

Catherine Chen

Black Friday!!

I’m inclined to think Black Friday is probably the best time of the year to get good deals (yes, it beats Christmas). I don’t know much about the traditions and history behind this day. However, I do know it was worth it to wait till now to purchase some things (software; what else?) I’ve been eyeing!

NOTE: Regarding the wisdom of businesses having a Black Friday sale, I’ve heard two different sides of the story. Some say it’s a great way to make money and gain new customers. Others disagree, saying the customers are not worth the loss. (As far as I’ve seen, software can go anywhere from from 30% off to 80% off on Black Friday. That’s a lot.)


My Week in Ten Words: Full of books. Somewhat tiring. Stuffy. Zoom meetings with friends.

Question of the Week: What is the history behind Black Friday?

November 22 – 27, 2020

Catherine Chen
Catherine Chen

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