March Inspiration #21

Wow, so many things have changed since February! I feel sad for neglecting my blog 😢, but classes have kept me on my toes. I always tell myself I’ll take fewer classes next semester, but that somehow never seems to happen. 🤔

ART 195 Projects

My ART 195 class has officially ended! 😢 (I enjoyed the section on Adobe Illustrator very much, however, so I’m planning on taking Art 192A: Digital Illustration II during the second half of the semester.)

Here is a sampling of some of the cool projects I worked on for ART 195:

March Reading Log

As in almost every other month this year so far, I did quite a bit of reading in March. Below is a summary of some of the books and series I devoured:

My March books were almost all in the fantasy genre, along with two realistic/contemporary titles. The month opened up with Amari and the Night Brothers, a novel about a young girl with strong magical powers. Suicide Notes, a humorous but so-so story told by a boy who survived a suicide attempt, marked the middle of the month. Throne of Glass rounded out the end of March.

This month was full of book series! I started and finished five of them: The Tapestry (Henry Neff), The Eldest Curses and The Dark Artifices (both by Cassandra Clare), The Folk of the Air (Holly Black), and A Court of Thorns and Roses (Sarah Maas). In retrospect, almost every book I read in March belonged to a series.


This class was titled Making and Makerspaces for Teachers and ran for about five weeks. It was tedious at points, but overall, I had a lot of fun!

We students were mailed materials for making a scribbling machine, experimenting with Makey Makey, and drawing with a 3D doodling pen. We completed about one project per week, writing down notes and reflections as we went along. I did most of the projects with my brother so we could have some “bonding time” together.

MozFest 2021

The 2021 MozFest was such a fun and amazing event! I attended sessions on code and stitching, AI and writing, speculative fiction, and so much more.

I also participated in the first Youth Zone Hackathon. For the Hackathon, I created a prototype for a website idea, which I called the Digital Creation Learning Hub. I earned one of the Spot prizes, a $50 Lego gift card!

Other Random Things That Happened

  • My younger sister’s bat mitzvah
  • Dropping ENGR 250 and 250L
  • Purchasing and fawning over Wonderbook


My Month in 10 Words: Full. Busy, busy, busy. Decisions, decisions. Designs. Books, books, books.

Question of the Month: Why is it so hard to remember all the things I did in March?

March 2021

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