Fall 2022 Recap

Time flies! It’s been a while since I’ve posted, so I thought I’d remedy that with a recap of my fall 2022 semester (and a look into the upcoming year).


Of course, I must start off this post by mentioning the awesome National Bible Bee Competition! It was a joy to be a part of the Alumni Service Team this year and get to work with other amazing young adults throughout all of 2022. I made a lot of great memories and had excessive tons of fun. 😄

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Fall 2022 Course Recap

I had a lot of fun (🥴💀) taking classes this past semester! Here’s a quick rundown of a few of the classes I took and what I thought of each of them:

  • General Human Anatomy: It was overall a fun class! However, I did have to put quite a bit of time into memorizing the names and locations of various different parts of the body.
  • 3D Modeling/Animation: Learning the basics of Blender was pretty cool! (There are so many creative fun things I want to do in life, and this is one of them, but unfortunately it ranks pretty low on my priority list right now. 😭) Check out my final project, the Dangling Boat!
  • Automotive Engineering Fundamentals: This class was kind of boring. It was held online and completely theoretical, so I didn’t enjoy it too much. I think I’d like hands-on auto shop classes a lot better, though!

Spring 2023 Course Plans

I’m calling this my official “stretch” semester. I’m planning to do so many things in so many fields that I’m a bit scared I’m not going to be able to fit it all into my schedule. It’s gonna be a lot of art and programming!

Here’s a quick rundown of some classes I’m going to be exploring:

  • A.S. in Graphic Design — I just learned that if I take six more courses, I can get my associate’s in graphic design from Santiago Canyon College! I could theoretically knock out all six this spring (I’m registered in four), though I’m starting to question the wisdom of that since almost all are “studio art” classes. (Also, let’s not mention the fact that I can’t really draw.)
  • Design classes at Saddleback college — Again, I’m gonna be doing a lot of art and design this next semester! I’m taking a bunch of graphic design classes from Saddleback, including typography (which I’ve wanted to learn for so long) and some random classes like biomedical illustration and footwear design.
  • Kinesiology 101 — I’m honestly super excited to take First Aid and CPR from SCC! I’ve been interested in doing an EMT program for some time, and I think this class could give me a good idea of whether or not it’s something I’d actually enjoy. Plus, I’ll learn some very important life skills along the way!

Keep scrolling through this post to read all the other things I’m planning on doing!

Winter 2023 Plans


Because I’m thinking of taking a lot of art classes next semester, I thought winter would be a good time to focus on improving my nearly non-existent drawing skills. I’m taking a Drawing for the Absolute Beginner class from Gale Education, offered for free through OC Public Libraries. I’m also completing lessons and tutorials from RapidFireArt and Drawabox!

(I also went and bought some discounted/used books on art and drawing from online stores, and I’m excited for them to arrive soon. 😃)


I’m super excited to attend TPUSA’s AmericaFest this upcoming weekend! It’s a huge event with dozens of conservative speakers, held over three days in Phoenix, Arizona. I hope it will be a good chance for me to meet other like-minded people and make some new friends!

Createful Purpose

We make beautiful things. (motto subject to change)

My latest brainchild is now something I’m officially talking about! This idea has been simmering in my head for well over a year now, and I’m finally beginning to bring a few aspects of it into light. I still haven’t completely figured out how to word it concisely yet, so please bear with me. 🙂 But basically, Createful Purpose is now going to be an umbrella for all the awesome creative projects I’m working on — from websites to designs, videos, and animations. In the future, I would like to expand it and work with other cool creatives to make even cooler projects, but that’s probably gonna be a lightyear away.

Bible Sleuths

The biggest project I’m currently working on is Bible Sleuths, a website filled with Bible-related events, puzzles, and challenges that even seasoned BBers will find difficult. In addition, the old Bible Bee Magazine will be transformed into the new Bible Sleuths magazine! (Don’t worry, there will be a special section for NBBC-related things.) I’m still working on how I will meld the magazine and website together, though.

Planned release is around the end of this year / beginning of 2023!

Masa HaChaim

After the initial launch of Bible Sleuths, I’m going to throw the next couple weeks of my energy into Masa HaChaim. The two main things I’ll be working on are:

  • Database for subject-related activities (e.g. math, art, writing, science, history) that correspond with the weekly Torah portions
  • Resource database for free online resources for homeschoolers (I might pull this out to a separate website)

Planned release is sometime during the spring of 2023!


Overall, it’s been an amazing few months.

My Semester in 10 Words: Difficult but rewarding. Onward to amazing cool new future plans.

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