April Inspiration

Wow, it’s been another crazy month! So many amazing things have happened, I’m not quite sure where to start.

(from the USC Viterbi site)

USC Class of ’23!!

A few days before my 18th birthday, I received an email saying that there was “an update to your admission status to view in your Applicant Portal.”

I was kind of confused, because I didn’t really expect my decision to come this early. I started feeling a bit agitated over what this “update” was about. (Me being me in a state of shock, I forgot that pretty much no one delivers rejection emails earlier than acceptance ones.)

I signed in to the Applicant Portal. My eyes went wide, and now you can guess what the “update” was about.

I plan to major in Computer Science (Games). I don’t know if I’ll be taking a minor, but if I do, it will be in either Drawing, Screenwriting, Documentary, Game Animation, or Innovation: The Digital Entrepreneur. (I can’t decide which one to choose!!)


I felt really weird about turning 18. A week later, it’s still trying to sink in! Below are some highlights from my birthday this year:

  • The first, of course, is ice cream! I have a gallon of sherbet in the fridge waiting to be devoured. 😋 🍨
  • My mom took me out to eat at an Italian restaurant. It was awesome! 🍝
  • My sister and a friend put together a birthday video with video messages from a bunch of Bible Bee-ers I know. I think that was the best birthday surprise I’ve ever had. 🎉


Above are some of the designs I created for my classes in April. There are images for the days of the week from my graphic design class, and a strange landscape figure from my Adobe Illustrator course.


My scriptwriting class started in April, and I’ve finished two short script exercises since then. They’re not very good, since they’re my first attempts, but they might be interesting to read anyways:

(from Rick Riordan’s site)

April Book Roundup

I clocked up a ton of books in early April, then dropped off the reading radar for a while.

Anyhow, to sum up . . . I watched The Lightning Thief movie on Hulu, was impressed, and decided to finally try out the Percy Jackson series people had been talking about. Once I finished the first book, I read the next, and the next, and the next, and before I knew it, I’d finished both Camp Half-Blood series and was halfway through the first of the Trials of Apollo. (Want to know how long it took? Less than seven days.)

And then I stopped reading for the next two weeks.


My Month in Ten Words: Amazing birthday. Exciting news. Fun projects. Addicting books. I’m 18.

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