19 Before 19

I’m turning 18 tomorrow! To celebrate, I’ve decided to write a list of nineteen things I want to accomplish before my 19th birthday next year.

2. Create a Game

Preferably using Inky and either Unity or Unreal Engine, perhaps with Blender 3D as well. (Or I’ll have to make my own vector graphics.) An actual, physical game would also be nice. Hopefully some of the projects for my classes this fall at USC will cover this!

3. Create an App

An Android app . . . wouldn’t that be kind of neat? I don’t know what the app will be yet, or if I’ll even have time to explore Kotlin/Java and Android, but this is on my list anyway. And if I can’t do it before I turn 19, I’ll move it to my “before 20” list.

4. Start a Magazine or Newsletter

I could work on both my design and writing skills this way, and have something to show for both. As for what it will be, I don’t know yet. Maybe a Chen Family Ministries magazine?

5. Save $$ (Undisclosed Amount)

I’d like to have a certain amount of money set aside. I’m not going to disclose how much, but I’ll be working toward that goal.

6. Build up MasaHaChaim.org

This is going to be really hard as I’m studying full-time this upcoming school year, but I suppose I’ll try anyways.

7. Build up the School of Creativity Idea

This is another one of my “idea-that’s-still-in-my-head”s. I don’t know if I’ll be able to build the site / platform for it this year, but I do know I’ll be taking classes that’ll help me get experience and knowledge in this area.

8. Build up the Knowledge Circle Idea

I first got the idea for this from watching Elementary. This one has to do with facts, missions, and game development.

9. Finish One Cross-Stitch Piece

I started working on one this semester; it’s an image of a ship sailing the seas. I hope I’ll get it done before next April!

10. Learn How to Drive / Ride a Really Cool Vehicle

Probably not going to happen, but I’m writing it down anyways.

11. Live by Myself For at Least One Month

I wrote this down before I found out I would be going to USC this fall, so this one’s definitely going to happen! I’ll be living on or near campus.

12. Make a Bound Journal

During winter break (2020 – 2021), I tried picking up book binding. It was difficult, and my projects didn’t turn out that well. >_> But I’d really like to make a handmade journal! Sometime before my next birthday, I’m going to give it another shot.

13. Start Createful Purpose (or a Youth Web Dev Group)

It would be fun to gather a group of creatives to solve creative problems. I know it’s a broad definition, but this is another idea of mine I’d love to see come to life at some point. Doing it this year seems a bit soon, but I’ve written this down for record.

14. Have a Steady Source of Income

I don’t know how this is going to happen, but I have to make it happen.

15. Have 12 Full Projects in My Portfolio

I was going to write “12 Full Web Development Projects,” but this will probably be easier. I could include mobile apps, games, etc. One per month. How hard could it be?

16. Go to a Restaurant With a Friend

I’ve actually never done this before, one-on-one or in a group. I think it’d be fun and interesting, though!

I dig Italian cuisine, but a buffet or Japanese-style food would also taste great.

17. Keep at a Blog for a Year

I’m not very good at sticking to “an-article-a-week” kind of things, but I suppose it doesn’t hurt to try again. (No, it won’t be this blog. I’ll be posting at least once a month here for sure.)

18. Write a Book (not a novel)

I could put together a collection of designs I make for each day of the year, or a list of journalling prompts, etc. It’s not going to be a novel; I don’t think I could handle two of those in a year right now (though down the road, maybe).

19. Jump at Opportunities, Enjoy the Moments of Life

I’m always rushing to finish this or that, or start this or that. This year, I want to take time to enjoy some of the memorable moments in my life. For example, my birthday this week. A meal at a restaurant. A game with friends.

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