My Journey in
Web Development

July 14, 2024 Sunday

nf july challenge: created a class schedule table for the Year 1 section

July 11, 2024 Thursday

challenge: coded almost the whole header page section for the NF July Challenge

July 10, 2024 Wednesday

coding: solved a few Leetcode hashset problems

challenge: working on content + UI for the NF July challenge

for work: finished up a LP, fixed a bug, then spent like 3 hours fixing another stupid bug 😟😟😟

July 09, 2024 Tuesday

challenge: worked on some coding/UI for NF July Challenge

July 08, 2024 Monday

coding: more Maps/Dictionaries data structures + some Linked Lists

July 07, 2024 Sunday

coding: studied Maps/Dictionaries data structures

freelancing: responded to some client emails

July 06, 2024 Saturday

my website:

July 04, 2024 Thursday

challenge: worked on text content details, and a bit of UI design, for NewForm July challenge

July 03, 2024 Wednesday

for work: I hate HubSpot APIs 😟

challenge: brainstormed ideas for the NewForm July Challenge (theme = magic!)

July 01, 2024 Monday

my website: created /journeys/[slug] based on /journeys/web-development built yesterday

freelancing: sent an email to a client after investigating a potential API (Square bookings API)

for work: nothing notable, just helping out with tasks here and there

June 30, 2024 Sunday

finalized 100 Days of Digital Art page + made additional tweaks to my website

FireShot Capture 002 - 100 Days of Digital Art - Catherine Chen - http___localhost_4321_seri_ - localhost.png

for work (Hubspot): built a landing page + 4 email templates

June 28, 2024 Friday

start designing + building 100 Days of Digital Art page

2024-06-28 design screenshot.png