October 23, 2020

Weekly Inspiration #8

This week was — dare I say it? — much better than the last!

Several things contributed into making my week pretty awesome:

  • I gave myself short “pep talks”.
  • I tried out a new time scheduling strategy.
  • …and more. Let’s recap!

Block Scheduling

Last Saturday, I sat down in front of my laptop for two hours straight in an attempt to plan out my upcoming week. I listed the tasks I had, estimated how much time it would take me to finish them, and scheduled them onto my calendar.

This. Strategy. Helped. Immensely.

I discovered I had enough time to finish everything I wanted to, and more. I was less stressed (I didn’t have to think about what task I wanted to do next), and I felt good about the progress I made each day. When Thursday rolled around, I was able to relax and enjoy myself for a bit!



Personal “pep talks” were another strategy I used to keep myself sane this week.

Whenever I encountered a task I hated or didn’t feel like doing, I’d tell myself to “sit down and do it”.

I knew if I finished the task in time, I could move on to something more fun and interesting. I had it scheduled on my calendar.

If I procrastinated, however, my entire day’s work would be delayed. That meant I’d have to sacrifice some activities in order to keep up with the most important tasks.

It’s really a matter of the mind. Continuously telling myself who I wanted to be and what I wanted myself to do positively affected my mindset.


Options, Options, Combinations

As you may remember from last week, I mentioned I was sick and tired of school. Since then, I’ve been considering other options like portfolio programs, bootcamps, and certifications (e.g. CompTIA A+).

It isn’t likely that I will drop college for one of the above. However, I may try doing one of those while finishing up my degree. If something comes out of it, great! If not, I’ll simply be thankful I had the experience. Who knows if it will come in handy someday?


Design 101, Here I Came

I started my personal Design 101 course last Tuesday, and it was awesome!

Here’s a snapshot of what I did:


Los Rios Ranchos

On Friday, some of our family went to Los Rios Ranchos for the day. We picked apples (the slopes were so steep and I was so hot), got free bread (woohoo!), and bought an apple mountain pie from Apple Annie’s (still looking forward to eating it).


My Week in Ten Words: Better than last week. Full of surprises. A bit sad.

Question of the Week: Is it possible for me to overwork my brain?

October 18-23, 2020