December 19, 2020

Weekly Inspiration #15 & #16

Finals are over! I can finally relax now. To be honest, life seems a bit strange without the mad rush of schoolwork. I thought it would be easy to adjust and just spend time doing what I enjoy now, but it’s been a bit more difficult than I expected. I’ll probably finish adjusting by the time Spring Intersession 2021 is about to start.


Spring 2021 Classes

Since I wasn’t allowed to take 29 units at SCC, I’ve split my Spring 2021 classes between SCC and CCSF (City College of San Francisco). CCSF offers so many IT classes, I’ve had a hard time controlling myself.

Currently, I’m taking somewhere between 12 and 15 units at SCC. Twelve units are major prep for Computer Engineering — the third course in the physics sequence, the second computer science course, along with electric circuits.

At CCSF, I’m currently enrolled in 18 units. Besides the four cybersecurity prerequisite classes, I have three others: Hacking Mobile Devices, Web Development Capstone, and Securing Web Applications. I originally wanted to take Ethical Hacking & Network Defense, but I switched that class out for the Web Development Capstone, which I know I’ll enjoy more.


🗺 Minerva Schools

It’s been a few days, but I’m still kind of dazed by the whole situation.

When I first decided to apply to Minerva Schools at KGI a few days before their Early Action deadline, I never expected it to actually become a viable option for me. (In other words, I hadn’t thought I would get in.) But on Monday, I received an acceptance letter.

I don’t know if I’ll attend. If I do, that means starting my college journey from scratch all over again. It’s true that the experiences I had with community college have shaped me and will stay with me, but academically, I’d be back to square one. This is probably the biggest roadblock for me in deciding whether or not to attend Minerva.

On the other hand, if I did attend, I’d be able to see some of the world (assuming COVID-19 is under control) and be surrounded by students like me. I’d also have the chance to finally not get bored in class, due to Minerva’s unique seminar-style of teaching.

In conclusion, I don’t really know. I’m still waiting to hear back from UCI (although I’m supposed to be guaranteed admission), and I have yet to apply to USC.

Maybe I’ll just take a gap year instead.


📝 Poem

Part of my ENGL 103 final was an assignment to write something inspired by The Counterculture Reader. I chose poetry. I’m not that good at writing poems, but I like how they allow me to express myself in ways regular sentences can’t. I’ve included my (untitled) poem below:

why did you never tell me

just up and gone one day

you didn’t show up on tuesday noon

I knocked on the door to your place

that shack like a rat’s nest you call your own

and saw you – your body – oh –

crooked on the floor

like a tie that needed straightening

you lay in a puddle so red

the bright color like a cardinal’s feathers

a thick wet mess of you –

your blood –

knife to your stomach –

your hands on the knife –

your face peaceful –

I don’t know what I did

just stood dazed and shocked and gaping

with my mouth wide open

I turned and ran out the door

thinking of your twenty-one years

just gone, gone, gone by your own hand

and screaming in my mind

tears streaming down my face


why did you never tell me


My Week(s) in Ten Words: Intense. Floundering. Projects. Crafts. Fun. Purpose. Excitement. Depression. New beginnings.

Question of the Week(s): What should I do next fall?

December 6 – 18, 2020