November 20, 2020

Weekly Inspiration #12

I’m not really sure what happened this week. 🤔 I feel like the past few days have been sort of a blur to me.


📚 End of the Semester

Yes . . . there are only three more weeks left this semester! 🎉 My classes are wrapping up, and I am starting final projects and papers, as well as preparing for exams. (I still have one midterm left to go, though.)

  • I have to write a 5-6 page paper for my World Literature class, but I am balking at the idea of it. Thankfully, my professor has given us “checkpoints” to meet every few days for this paper. It will save me from trying to write this essay at the last minute.
  • For my THEA 100 Intro to Theatre class, our final is a creative project. It will involve doing some things I enjoy 😄.

Registration for the Spring 2021 semester began last week! I wasn’t able to register for more than 23 units at Santiago Canyon, so it looks like I will be taking classes at two different colleges next spring.


🤔 Winter/Spring 2021

While my winter schedule is mostly set, I only have about half of my spring semester down. Things are tentative right now!

I don’t exactly remember how it happened, but I stumbled across City College of San Francisco’s cybersecurity apprenticeship program a few days ago. I don’t know the details of the program yet, but it seemed like an interesting opportunity.

I won’t write very much about it, but assuming everything goes as it should be, I may just take the minimum 12 units at SCC and attend more classes from CCSF. Or, I would take around 20 units from SCC and 10-15 at CCSF.

We’ll see what happens! There are so many factors involved.


The Matzah Thief

The monologue I decided to select for my theatre class final is The Matzah Thief!

Written by Gabriel Davis, it’s a humorous piece about a woman trying to retrieve the Afikomen from her nephew on the night of Passover.

Apparently, the boy (already Bar Mitzvahed, I may add) doesn’t want Passover to end. He decides the best way to ensure Passover goes on for a while is to keep the Afikomen. (My sister suggested, “Maybe he ate it?” 😯) His aunt, the speaker, warns that if he doesn’t return the matzah,

They’ll probably sentence you to ten years of Passover. Yes that’s a real thing. You like matzah so much they’ll feed you nothing but matzah for a decade! Your insides will be dry like the desert, and everyday you’ll suffer in agony!

Oh dear.


My Week in Ten Words: At first I despaired, but there may yet be hope.

Question of the Week: Why do I feel so tired at the end of each week?

November 15 – 20, 2020