November 13, 2020

Weekly Inspiration #11

Welcome to Weekly Inspiration #11!

This week was full of adventures — both real and unreal — and other experiences for me. My trip to the National Bible Bee with my family was probably this week’s biggest highlight. The drive to San Antonio was horrendously long, but I kept myself well occupied with books!

The Bible Bee was quite an event. However, other matters have also clouded my mind over the past few days. One of them is the pressing near future, which I expound on a bit in the first section below.


Spring 2021 Plans

It’s only November, but I’m already making plans for Spring Intersession 2021 (classes crammed into four weeks) and Spring 2021 (regular semester).

I've already registered for Spring Intersession 2021:

  • ECON 101 — Microeconomics
  • HIST 121 — The United States Since 1877

These two classes I’m taking are my last General Education requirements for IGETC! I am so excited to be able to focus on major prep and other classes this spring.

For the Spring 2021 semester, I am not able to register until next week. However, I’ve already chosen the classes I need/want to take! I plan to do 29 units, but that may change. Here is a list of the classes I am currently eyeing:

  • (3) CMPR-121: Programming Concepts
  • (3) CMPR-154: Computer Architecture & Organ
  • (5) PHYS-250C: Physics for Scientists/Eng III
  • (3) ENGR-250: Electric Circuits
  • (1) ENGR-250L: Electric Circuits Laboratory
  • (5) MATH-287: Intro to Lin Alg and Diff Eq
  • (3) ART-129: Introduction to Web Design
  • (3) CMPR-153: A+ Essentials Hardware
  • (3) CMPR-154: A+ Essentials Software

All the classes are major prep except for the last three. I doubt the other CMPR 154 class (I know there’s two of them, but one is at SCC and the other is at SAC) is required, but another class very similar to it is a major prep course. That course is not offered at my college, but it seems as if it will overlap material with CMPR 154.


Binge Reading

I read many books this week! (Yes, it was my way of killing time on the long drive to and from San Antonio.)

Some of the books were worth it, and others were not. I have the bad habit of finishing every book I start, whether or not it is valuable to me, and that has often been a challenge.

With the above in mind, here are some of my favorite titles I devoured this week:

  • Finding Winnie by Lindsay Mattick is a beautifully illustrated, beautifully written picture book about the story behind Winnie the Pooh. Apparently, Winnie was a real bear that one of Mattick’s ancestors acquired during his years as a soldier in World War I!
  • The Journey That Saved Curious George by Louise Borden is another wonderful picture book. This true story occurred during World War II, and details the flight Margret and H.A. Rey took as they escaped from France during the years of the Nazis.
  • The Art of Deception, a novel by Leonard Goldberg, is the fifth book in a spin-off series of the original Sherlock Holmes books. Starring the daughter of the famous detective, The Art of Deception is not only entertaining but cleverly written, with amazing deductions and clues that would make the “real” Sherlock Holmes proud of his daughter. (I haven’t yet read the first book, but it is on the top of my to read list!)

THEA 110 Scenes

Our next scene for theatre class is not assigned; we got to select it ourselves! It’s a two-person scene, and my partner and I chose the duet of Juliet and Ophelia from Anger Management.

I’m not sure whether I will be playing Juliet or Ophelia yet, but I’m probably going to play Juliet. She’s the younger one, and I’m younger (and look younger) than my partner. But we’ll have to see!


My Week in Ten Words: Interesting. Full of experiences. Long car rides. Strange and unsettling.

Question of the Week: What is enough to die for?

November 8 – 13, 2020