May 11, 2022

Spring 2022 Recap

The beginning of the semester flew by way too fast, although the last two weeks felt like they dragged on forever. Here’s a recap of everything that’s happened since my last post . . .

👟 updates on the foot

My foot’s been feeling a lot better! I started scootering pretty soon after spring break, and went back into band and playing rugby as well. I think my ankle got slightly twisted in the cast, so my right foot sticks out at a slight angle in comparison to my left, and there is definitely still pain in certain positions, but overall I feel mostly normal again.

My sister organized a bunch of people to mail cards and send encouraging emails to me during my entire recovery time, and it was such a surprise and a blessing to receive all of them. I’m really grateful for that. I haven’t had time to reply to all of them yet, but I will be (hopefully) working on that soon!


🏫 classes

I kind of lost motivation to study near the end of the semester, and some of my grades might suffer because of that. Oh well. I’m not entirely sure how much I care about classes anymore.

But anyway, I got the chance to do some pretty cool projects this semester, so check them out below!

⏳future plans

I’m considering taking a leave of absence for the next school year. I’ll probably work and save up some money, then decide whether or not I want to go back to school.

Currently, I’m thinking about whether to stay in LA or move someplace out of state during that time. I’m not completely sure what I’m doing in college, so I think it could be good for me to take a break and try to figure that out (not to mention I’m just using up my savings right now, so I need to “restock” 😅).


🏉 clubs, activities, and more

It’s been hard picking tuba back up again, especially since the long break from my broken foot set me back a bit. But I did enjoy playing for ExploreSC, the Spring Concert finale, and Primal (first and last nights of finals). If I do end up out of state this fall, I’ll definitely miss marching with the band.

Trojans for Life has been going pretty well, I think! We just clarified board positions recently, so I’ll be on the communications team as well as hold the role of Secretary. This weekend, a group of us are going to a pro-life training near UCLA. We’re gearing up for an exciting summer!

As for the Daily Trojan, the Online Projects team didn’t get any more assignments to do this semester, so I haven’t done anything since the student government elections. I did get a certificate for my work, though! I was named “Most Likely to Save Lives :,)” by our online projects editor. 😀

I’ve written a few more posts for Trojans360, and that’s been fun! Blogging about student life is another thing I’ll miss if I’m not a student this fall. We’ll see where I end up, though! Something new could be better.

📚 books & games

If you’ve been keeping up with my Now page, you might’ve noticed I had the time to do some book-reading and video game-playing during finals week (my exams ended pretty early).

I’ve almost played completely through Cris Tales, and it’s been an entertaining experience! I really love the art style, and the difficulty of each level was very balanced, especially for beginners like me.

One game I’ve started playing recently is Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion. It’s a funny concept (the mayor of Turnip Boy’s town is a dictator), and I also enjoy the play style. You go around the map to talk to other characters and complete quests, then get thrown into dungeon-style mazes to battle strange things.

As for books, Jinxed by Amy McCulloch has been one of my favorites that I’ve read this year. I haven’t been able to get my hands on the sequel, but I really hope to.

And as always, I’ve been playing a bit too much League of Legends. It’s difficult for me since there are too many things I have to keep track of during games, but I suppose I’m slowly improving and getting better. Sometimes I wonder why I keep with it, especially since more advanced players aren’t so friendly to beginners, but I guess it is what it is.


life is too short