March 14, 2022

Spring 2022 Mid-Semester Recap

Wow, it feels like it’s been forever since I last posted here three months ago. But since spring break’s just arrived, and there are only seven weeks left to go in the semester, here’s for another mid-semester recap!


Winter Break

I don’t even remember what I did, so please don’t ask me. ToT I know I went to Florida for a good chunk of it, plus cram-read an entire book series that I hadn’t planned to, but that’s all my brain recalls.

Trojans for Life Logo

Clubs, Jobs, and Stuff

  • Rugby — Near the beginning of the semester, I joined the (newly formed) Trojans Women’s Rugby team! I’ve never played rugby before, but everyone on the team was very nice. Learning how to play was a LOT of fun! I got into a mild accident in mid-February, but once I am back on my feet, I’m hoping to go back to learn more and play more.
  • Trojans for Life — A group of friends and I just registered a new club for the upcoming school year! Check out our Instagram @trojansforlifeUSC to learn more. ?
  • Daily Trojan — I joined the Daily Trojan as part of the Online Projects Staff, where we work on websites to help supplement big/important topics going on at USC. (For example, the USG 2022 Elections Guide.) I work with both development and design, and it’s been crazy but fun!
  • Trojans360 — Besides the above, something else I joined this semester is Trojans360, a student-run blog at USC. We cover all kinds of topics, ranging from college and careers to different aspects of student life. Check out my latest article here: Student Life With a Broken Foot!
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Biology & Chemistry

I’m still not sure whether or not I want to go to medical school, but I do know that I want to keep (and finish) a STEM major during my time at USC. All in all, majoring in biology’s been pretty interesting so far! The coursework is definitely challenging, but my brain’s been loving the exercise. (Let’s not mention that I’m just very slightly worried about my GPA.)

The experience? Biology labs tend to be easy and fun, while the lecture material is difficult due to the sheer ton of memorization required. On the other hand, chemistry is kind of the opposite. My classmates and I mutually agree that chem labs are the most traumatizing part of the USC premed experience, although we have an amazing lecture professor.

I think I’m going to stick with Biological Sciences as a major for now (it covers all premed prerequisites, which not all USC health majors do). I could switch to Biophysics, but taking 3 tough STEM classes a semester on top of project-heavy games courses (with extracurriculars) might be a bit too much. ?

Foot Injuries :(


So yes, if you’ve been diligently reading every sentence of this post till now, you’ll have realized that I broke my foot sometime in February.

According to x-rays, my 3rd and 4th metatarsal bones sustained comminuted fractures (near the bases of each). I’ve been in a cast and on crutches for a month, but I’m starting to slowly learn to hobble again.

It’s slow.

And painful.

But I’m learning to be patient and see the good in every situation!

Check out my post Student Life With a Broken Foot for more of the story.


Semester in 10 Words: Fun. Ouch. Fun. Ouch. Fun. Ouch. Fun. Ouch. Fun. Ouch.