October 11, 2023

September 2023 Recap

A bit late, but so many things have happened in these few short weeks!

New Createful Purpose Site

If you haven’t yet swung over to see the new Createful Purpose website, you should! Here’s a sneak peek of the beautiful new design:


Stuff is Buzzin’

So technically this didn’t happen in September (though I started the interview process that month), but I’ll include it here since I don’t think I can wait till my October recap!

Here’s my original text that I sent to some of my friends:

Just wanted to write a quick praise report (some of you heard this already): I got a job offer for a position in web development at a marketing agency yesterday! (It’s a junior position, but likely that I will move to mid-level within a year, according to my supervisor.) I have been unsure about my future plans this whole year, so when I began my job search, I only applied to a few jobs here and there (since I didn’t know if that was the path I should be going down; I was also considering a lot of other options). This was the only company I heard back from, and when I did, I prayed to the Lord and asked Him for either wide open doors the whole way, or to shut the door tightly on this opportunity – because if I did get an offer, I would take it. And it has literally been very wide open doors the whole way! Even when I thought I would surely fail to move on to the next round, I would somehow come out on top (well, we all know it wasn’t me lol). (The rounds were initial interview, coding test, two-day coding challenge, company interview with directors and the CEO, work values assessment.) It’s funny to say but I think this experience has definitely strengthened my faith in God. I don’t think I have ever had such a clear path in doing anything before, and I am amazed at His goodness and provision. Anyway, that’s my spiel for the day. xD From Catherine’s Discord Archives

Decade Mood Boards

I created these mood boards for my FASH 150 class!

I was especially excited about how the 1920s and 1930s boards turned out. Can you tell which board belongs to which decade?


Interior Design Projects

I’ve enjoyed my interior design class so far! The projects are quite interesting, and I’m learning a lot about design. Here I’ll share two of these projects with you guys:

Project 1

Below is a mood board focused on an interior design style; the first project I worked on for this class:


Project 2

The following is a gallery that demonstrates design principles found in interiors:

In a magical land far away . . .

Enjoy this bit that I wrote for my CISG 100 class! The assignment was to draft a “game idea document” that met a set of requirements. I had a lot of fun digging into my imagination for this one!

Setting: Ancient Magical Forest


Twenty years ago, dragons and people lived side by side in the magical land of [world]. One day a ruler arose, who desired all the magic for himself and the human race, thinking dragons unworthy. Not knowing the free, living dragons were the channels through which Magic anchored and stabilized itself in [world], he decimated the dragon population. The remaining dragons, in order to protect themselves in the hope that one day Magic could be safely used in [world] again, fled. They hid themselves in an ancient forest that was as old and wild as Magic itself, in a sort of magical hibernation, and disappeared. The Magic remaining in [world] went haywire — sometimes helping, more often destroying — and humans could no longer wield it. But the dragons had a secret, their small hope: a child born of a dragon’s mind and a human’s soul, that lived in [world], one who was capable of bringing Magic back to order if he so chose.

About the Game Idea

The game is an adventure story game. The player begins as a young man seeking answers to his origin when his adoptive father is killed and their home destroyed. As he runs from his father’s murderers, he stumbles upon the entrance to an ancient forest. While in the forest, he finds he can hear the thoughts and whispers of creatures that seem not quite human — the dragons, asking him to find and help them. As he seeks out each dragon, he learns more about Magic and what is special about him, what exactly happened two decades ago, and the role he is expected to play in usurping the current ruler of [world].

Some things the game will allow the player to do:

  • Combat using weapons and magical abilities
  • Unlocking new abilities through searching for each dragon
  • Solving puzzles in order to discover the location of each dragon

The player will encounter decisions and challenges when:

  • Fighting different magical creatures in dungeons when searching for each dragon
  • Solving puzzles when trying to find each dragon
  • At the beginning of the game, Magic is unwieldy, and using magical abilities more often than not backfires. But killing magical creatures cannot be done without using Magic, and the player must choose wisely when balancing weapons and magical abilities. (As each dragon awakes, Magic becomes more stable.)

From Catherine’s Homework

Miscellaneous News

  • I started learning on Uxcel again. Love the bite-sized courses and graphics!
  • HaDor HaBa, the TAJ young adults group, put together a worship team and played three songs at our annual Sukkot picnic! I was on bass, learned + memorized the chords to Roni Bat Zion, Say to the Daughter of Zion, and Melech Ozair.
  • You can check out a quick worksheet on one of the topics I’m working on for the Messianic 101 project here: Commandments + Matthew 5:17-19

Till next month!



P.S. Let us always continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Peace will not be here in our time, we know as much; true peace will only be established when Messiah comes. When we pray for the peace of Jerusalem, we are praying for His second coming.