November 4, 2023

October 2023 Recap

What a fun month. 😀 I love work, I love what I’m learning (mostly), and stuff’s been exciting.

Interior Design Color Board

The following is a color board that shows a possible interior design setup based on an image used for inspiration. I really liked doing this project!


More Decade Mood Boards

The 1950s board was pretty difficult. We had to do a value gradient in black and white only, going from darker to lighter shades of gray.


I think I messed up the fashion styles on my 1960’s board lol. It’s interesting how we associate the hippies with the 70s, but it really started much earlier than that.


Granny dresses got popular in the 1970s’, which is what my Home Sweet Prairie board focuses on. I had a bit of trouble with this one too, lol.


Kingdom of Gophers

I wrote this for a narrative assignment for my Intro to Game Design class. We were given the following instructions:

You are asked to write a narrative outline for a game based on the following game Idea:

This game will be an Adventure game in which the player takes on the role of a Gopher trying to rescue their family. The family was taken by a rival Gopher clan when returning from a trip. The player (the Gopher) has been given a ransom note.

The ransom note was sent by a rival of the player who is named “Gordon”. The player and Gordon know one another from previous adventures done together.

This game takes place in an underground gopher kingdom, which is rules by a King Gopher and their consort. The kingdom is underground, where most of the game takes place.

Below is a sneak peek of the contents of my narrative outline. =) You can find the rest of my assignment here:


The player takes on the role of a Gopher named Kylan, a scholar studying at the palace of the Gopher king. While serving at the court of the king, he receives a message learning that his family has been kidnapped. With the message comes a ransom note demanding a sum of three thousand gophics (equivalent to ten years’ worth of a scholar’s wages) — from his old friend Gordon (“which you should be able to afford on your rich palace salary,” he wrote). Devastated by the news of his family and anger towards his former best friend, he pleads with the Gopher king to bring his family back. The king refuses, but after much begging from Kylan, relieves Kylan of his court duties for a month so he can attempt to find his family.


Though from rival clans, Kylan and Gordon met while attending the kingdom’s palace academy for children of clan leaders and court nobles. Assigned roommates, they turned from hating each other into becoming best friends. They would sneak out at night to have adventures together, foraging for food and pranking palace guards.

During the time of their studies, the old Gopher king died and his son took over the throne. This son was a horrible king, heeding the advice of greedy council members and taxing his people mercilessly. Gordon’s father tried to convince the king to lighten the tax burdens, but instead was put in prison for being “disloyal” and “inciting rebellion”, as advised by the king’s council. The new king then threw Gordon out of the academy, stating that he would be a bad influence on the other students. Gordon begged Kylan to leave with him. But Kylan refused, as he loved studying at the palace, though he promised they would always be friends. Gordon got very angry and stormed away in a rage. The next morning, Kylan awoke to find his friend gone.

Now a few years later, rumor has it that Gordon has taken over leadership of his clan and is planning to overthrow the king — an idea that has garnered much secret interest. Kylan remains a scholar, studying at the palace and serving as representative of his clan in court. The Gophers remain dissatisfied with their king but are afraid to speak, as anyone who says anything against him is immediately thrown in prison. The court and council members are on the king’s side but live in fear, as a group of rebel Gophers, led by a so-called “Gopher Bandit”, have been raiding their lands and seizing crops and money.

From Catherine’s Homework


Earned a ton of them in October! I got the HubSpot CMS Developer I certification (as part of my new job), as well as several Uxcel ones in my spare time.

image (1).png

New Magazine Layouts

I’m super proud of the magazine layouts I did for the October issue of Bible Sleuths. Check out a few of them below:


Shalom, that is all for now.

Have a wonderful November!