July 5, 2021

May & June Inspiration

Two months in one post! Between finals and our family road trip, things have certainly been busy. I’ll start off with a wrap-up of the past spring semester, then delve into what’s happened so far this summer.


Cartoon Characters (ART 192A)

Okay, so I’m actually quite proud of how this one turned out! The goal was to copy the original character (in this case, the purple pony) and then create a different version of it.

References (these aren’t mine, they’re from somewhere off the Internet):


T-Shirt Design

Here’s another goodie from my ART 192A class this past spring!

Our final project was to create a t-shirt design. I knew I wanted to do something related to Taiwan, but my original idea turned out to be too wacky to implement, so I tweaked it. I’m pretty happy with the final result, though!

Finals Are Over!!

I am completely done with the spring semester, and it feels like such a relief! I think I really hit my breaking point this spring. It did teach me a lot about myself, though.


Divide & Conquer

Road Trip Pics!

This is the longest road trip we’ve ever gone on as a family (and likely will keep the record as the longest xD). Some stops we made included the Ohio Scriptorium, the 911 Memorial Museum, and Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Enjoy the photos below!

Book Roundup

I always do a lot of reading during finals weeks (stress relief) and road trip days (time filler). I’ve definitely clocked a lot of reads in May and June! Let’s see what’s been going on in Catherine-Book-Land thus so far . . .

First, I HAVE to mention the Keeper of the Lost Cities series. I’ve had the title on my list since April, but never got around to starting it until June. Then when I did begin reading, I couldn’t stop! It’s true that some of the books drag out longer than they need to, but overall it’s a great read.

I FINALLY got to devour Good Girl, Bad Blood, the sequel to A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder (which I read last year). It was amazing, like the first book, and the changes that occurred to the main character are definitely going to make the sequel to the sequel an interesting read.

Cassandra Clare always outdoes herself. In this case it was The Last Hours trilogy, a combination of historical fiction and fantasy. The second book ended with such an annoying cliffhanger, so I’m hoping the third will come out soon!

The sequel to The Inheritance Games is another book I’m looking forward to reading as soon as it’s published. I loved the puzzles in the first book (I’m wondering why I didn’t read it sooner!).

Last but not least, the Luck of the Titanic was a WONDERFUL, heartbreaking book. I loved it because I could relate to a lot of the cultural aspects and identity, although the ending nearly made me cry.

Some other fantasy reads I enjoyed were Nightingale (Deva Fegan), Silver Phoenix (Cindy Pon), and The False Princess (Ellis O’Neal).


My Months in 10 Words: Tiring but satisfying. Road trip times! Scriptorium fun. Bright outlook.