June 6, 2023

May 2023 Recap

Life is so crazy, and time passes so fast!

✍ Quick Updates

  • For my Ecclesiastes memorization challenge, I finished chapter 5 in May! In June, I hope to finish 3-4 more chapters.
  • The girls at HaDor HaBa are reading the book of Psalms together! Approximately one a day, six days a week. 🙂
  • I’ve been learning to play bass! Currently I’ve been looking up my favorite songs on ChordU and playing along with them. It’s been fun!
  • Finished playing the game Strange Horticulture! ‘Twas awesome.
  • Wrote a quick coding tutorial on Setting up TailwindCSS + SASS with EmberJS.

🎓 Certifications!

I finished freeCodeCamp’s Quality Assurance certification, plus Google’s Attract and Engage Customers with Digital Marketing certification, in May!

In June, my plan is to finish freeCodeCamp’s Back End Development & APIs certification, along with several more courses from Google’s Digital Marketing & E-commerce specialization.

📚 Reading Recap

In the month of May, I read a total of 19 books! 🤯 I reread two Shadowhunters books and finished two new ones, crunched through the Magisterium series, fell in love with the Bladesmith duology and the Daughter of the Pirate King series. I also started several series that I haven’t yet finished: Wrexford & Sloane, World at the Lake’s Edge, Glimmer Falls, and The Queen’s Secret. Finally, I got to read a new book from an author I encountered a year or two ago!

See my Goodreads profile for all the titles. 😉

🏫 Classes

I finished my two classes from Saddleback College, BUS 135 (Marketing) and GD 144 (Typography)! My classes from SCC and SAC are also almost done.

I’ve decided not to take any college classes during the summer, since I’ll be in Taiwan for three weeks. Instead, I’ve created my own courses for myself through Canvas’ free teacher edition, so I can fit what I want to accomplish into my summer schedule. I’ll be taking advantage of California State Library’s free Coursera benefit and working on more certificates!

🎨 Designs

From my typography class to Trojans for Life and Bible Sleuths, here are images from a few projects I worked on in the month of May!


🖼 AI Generated Art

I’ve been having fun playing around with AI generated art on! Here are a few of my favorites, from my siblings theme to fantasy worlds and cheetah-riding kids:


Looking forward to a great summer!