November 23, 2020

Learn It Myself: Design 101B

Personal Note

With LIM: Design 101 almost done, I’ve decided to start LIM: Design 101B. I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep up the pace once Winter intersession begins, but thankfully I should be finished by the 8th of January.

I am going with Briefbox again. Since I will be working on Quick UI Challenges and Killer Homepages at the same time, I’ve decided not to assign myself Daily UI Challenges. Other than the fact that I’m assigning myself more hours than last time, things are about the same.

Section Information

Instructor: Catherine Chen

Class Duration: 11/29 – 1/8

Class Meeting Times: Tu/Thu/Fri 8:00AM – 10:00AM

Weekly Requirements

  • 1 Quick UI Challenges Brief
  • 1 Killer Homepages Brief

Week 1


  • BRIEF 1 — Product page for a high-end fashion retailer
  • BRIEF 1 — Homepage layout and theme creation for an ecommerce homeware gifts store

Week 2


  • BRIEF 2 — Booking page for a major airline
  • BRIEF 2 — Landing page for a trail guide website

Week 3


  • BRIEF 3 — Mini break landing page design
  • BRIEF 3 — Coffee blend selector landing page

Week 4


  • BRIEF 4 — Mobile on-boarding screen layouts
  • BRIEF 4 — Landing page and content hub for a global newspaper

Week 5


  • BRIEF 5 — About us page for a creative agency
  • BRIEF 5 — Homepage for a food & music festival

Week 6


  • BRIEF 6 — Screens for a plant care app
  • BRIEF 6 — Homepage to promote Men’s mental health