October 19, 2020

Learn it Myself: Design 101

Personal Note

Now that my life has eased up a bit, I’ve decided to start focusing my extra time on practicing and learning design skills. I came up with LIM: Design 101, a personalized 6-week course for myself. It will start this Tuesday (10/20), and I cannot wait to begin!

Welcome to the School of LIM!

Section Information

Instructor: Catherine Chen

Class Duration: 10/20 – 11/26

Class Meeting Times: Tu/Thu 9:00AM – 10:30AM

Class Overview

You will have three types of assignments for this class:

  • UI/UX Basics — We will be using UXcel. You must complete the entire UX/UI Design Foundations course over these six weeks at your own pace. I recommend going through one level a week, however, and not waiting until the last minute to finish it.
  • UI Challenges — Sign up for the Daily UI Challenge. You do not need to do one challenge every day, but you need to complete a total of 18 challenges by the end of the term. Each week, one of these challenges will be done during class time, and two you must complete on your own.
  • Digital & UI Briefs — We will be going over the Digital & UI 01 set from Briefbox. The majority of class time will be spent working on these briefs. You will complete the Digital & UI 01 brief set by the end of these six weeks.

All weekly assignments will be released on Saturdays, and all are due by the following Thursday. No late work will be accepted.

Grades & Attendance

There will be no grades for this class. The designs you create as part of the UI Challenges and Briefs will go straight into your portfolio. The harder you work on them, the better your portfolio will be. Ultimately, you are the one who decides your grade.

You are required to attend every single class. You may miss up to one class if you have a valid excuse. If you miss more than one class (unless you let me know beforehand), you will be dropped from the class.

Weekly Requirements

  • 3 Daily UI Challenges
  • Journal/Reflection Entry (suggested)

Week 1


Remember, you need to finish the UXcel Design Foundations course by the end of this term!

  • UXcel Level 1


  • BRIEF 1 — Website theme creation for a digital bank

Week 2


  • UXcel Level 2


  • BRIEF 2 — Product card for a fitness tracker

Week 3


  • UXcel Level 3


  • BRIEF 3 — Interface for a video streaming TV app

Week 4


  • UXcel Level 4


  • BRIEF 4 — One page microsite for Earth Hour

Week 5


  • UXcel Level 5


  • BRIEF 5 — Web layouts for a boutique fashion retailer

Week 6


  • UXcel Level 6


  • BRIEF 6 — Landing page for a charity expedition

Design 101 Inspiration

It’s time to start designing! Before we begin, check out these links below for some great design inspiration. Once you’re on fire and ready to start . . . let’s go!