September 30, 2020

I’m starting the Daily UI Challenge – 100 Days of Design

On Monday, I decided to start the Daily UI Design Challenge. (Unfortunately I’m a day or two behind, since I signed up at 9:30PM in the evening and was too tired to do the first challenge that day.) In case you are wondering, here’s how it happened…

First, I had a problem

I’ve been wanting to hone my design skills for some time. (If you take a look at things I’ve made, you’ll note that they don’t always look very nice. =/) As a web developer who works mostly alone, I want to be at least somewhat knowledgeable about all parts of designing, deploying, and maintaining web applications.

There have been multiple times I’ve tried to pick up design skills, but it’s always been an on-and-off thing. I don’t think I’ve ever stuck with any design for long, except for the monthly Bible Bee Magazine.

That is, until this month.

Next, I needed a solution

In September, I started playing on UXcel. (The UEye trainer is fascinating! Go check it out. It’s honestly amazing.) UXcel further opened my eyes to the world of UI/UX, and I decided to start a 100 Days of Design Challenge, where I would do a bit of design every day for 100 days.

At first, I thought I would do the challenge by myself. (However, I was thinking more along the lines of graphic design rather than UI.)

I’m not certain why, but for some reason, I googled “100 days of design” on Monday. Immediately, my eyes were drawn to the Daily UI Design Challenge listing. This is even better than what I had in mind, I thought. I signed up for the challenge.

Finally, I decided to do this

Like I mentioned before, I’m a day or two behind. However, I’ll do everything I can to catch up. Continuously improving my skills is something I place a high priority on; my laziness, unproductivity, and overload of self-assigned tasks are the only things that hinder me.

I am my own worst enemy. probably not Catherine, but she doesn’t quite remember who first said this

I’ll be posting daily (hopefully!) on Twitter and Dribbble, as well as Pinterest. I’ll also be updating on my blog, so make sure to stay tuned! ?

And…some notes

For this post, I experimented with using shorter paragraphs. What do you think?

Signed off,