December 13, 2021

End-of-the-Semester Recap

And thus concludes my first semester at USC! Time flies by way too fast.


Biology . . . ?

On my Mid-Semester Inspiration post, I mentioned that I was dropping CS Games for a different major. I ended up choosing Biology, of all things, and am making plans to go on a Pre-Health (premed) track in the chance that I decide I want to attend medical school.

Life is certainly strange.

I’m currently looking at osteopathic medicine. The specialty of emergency medicine sounds like it might interest me, so I’m hoping to take CPR and EMT courses over next spring and summer to know for certain if it will or not.

With Game Art

I think it’d be interesting to combine games with the medical field, therapy, or pre-medicine. I’m not exactly sure what I’ll do with this intersectional knowledge in the future, but it seems like it’ll be intriguing.


League & Other Games

Several students in the games department, and in the TAP club, have been trying to get me introduced into the world of video games (apparently it’s unacceptable for a games major to know nothing about Mario? xP). So here is my games recap of the semester:

  • Undertale — This was probably the first video game I started out with. It’s . . . interesting? I really hated having to try to dodge things being thrown at my character, though, so I stopped after reaching the Undyne boss fight.
  • Pokemon — Easy but boring. Maybe because I’m a bit older than the intended target age? I have no idea honestly, because supposedly adults like playing it too.
  • Super Smash Bros — Got introduced to this by a friend of mine. I’m terrible at it, but it’s been a lot of fun so far.
  • Rain on Your Parade — Stunning! I absolutely LOVE this game. It’s simple and easy, cute and quirky; generally relaxing, with just a little bit of challenge. Playing as a rain cloud and executing rain, thunder, snow, and tornadoes on unsuspecting hoomans can be kind of exciting.
  • League of Legends — I’d heard about League before this semester (one friend said I’d love it and another said I’d hate it). Someone finally got me to download the game a few weeks ago, and I discovered I did enjoy it! It requires skills I don’t have yet (I can’t hit things even if they’re not moving), but I think I can get there with practice.

Looking Back . . .

Things I wish I did more of:

  • practicing tuba
  • web development (I miss coding ToT)
  • making connections (approaching people scares me)

Things I wish I did less of:

  • wasting time on Discord, YouTube, and etc.
  • spending too much money on food (rather than exploring healthier and cheaper options)


I miss reading. I miss web development. I miss life.