April 13, 2024

Coding Training: How to Improve Your Coding Skills

There's a lot that goes into becoming a better programmer, so let's just tackle one way that helps improve your programming skills today: practice, practice, practice solving problems.  😤

Practice Makes Perfect

Mastering any skill takes time, and coding is no different.  To help you get started, I've listed some of my favorite websites below that offer fun and engaging ways to practice your coding skills.

Remember that the more you code, the better you'll become!  🚀🚀

Note: One way that can help is to try setting aside specific times in your day to write code.  Morning and evening are my personal favorites, but it's different for everyone.  Whatever you choose, though, consistency is key!


CodinGame is probably my top recommended site for someone looking for a place to improve their programming skills.  This platform delivers coding practice through a variety of games, challenges, and contests.  It's a fun way to learn and easy to get started with, but also contains more demanding challenges for advanced coders further along in their careers.


Codewars is another online site geared towards programming practice.  This platform centers around the concept of "kata," which are small, focused coding exercises. These kata target specific techniques and problem-solving approaches in various programming languages.

Codewars doesn't have games like CodinGame, but they do incorporate gamification techniques to make learning more engaging. As you solve different exercises, you can progress through ranks and earn points (honor) for completing katas and contributing to the community. You can even create your own challenges!


Leetcode, infamous among computer science students, is a popular online platform designed to help programmers prepare for technical coding interviews.  (It's also, unofficially, known for causing many tears during junior and senior CS years. 🥲)

Leetcode includes guides on different areas of programming, as well as targeted practice.  Their problems challenge users on specific algorithms, data structures, and efficient problem-solving techniques.


Exercism is an awesome online platform for beginner to intermediate-level coders to practice their skills, focusing on a specific programming language.  Experienced programmers can also volunteer to mentor beginners and provide feedback on their code.  This platform is completely free and open source, so anyone can contribute to the exercises and create new ones for different languages!


I hope this list helps you find tools that can help you improve your skills!  There are a lot of other great websites out there - are there any you enjoy using that I haven't mentioned in this short list?  Drop a message in the comments below!

Happy coding!