May 3, 2023

April 2023 Recap

I turned 20 in April. =)

Ecclesiastes Memorization Challenge

I’ve decided to start memorizing the book of Ecclesiastes! My favorite books of the Bible are definitely the wisdom ones, and Job is a bit long to start with if one wants to get back into memorizing the Word, so Ecclesiastes became my choice.

I started around mid-April, I think? and finished chapter 1 plus a third of chapter 2. I hope to get 2-3 chapters done in May, and continue at that pace until I memorize all twelve.

John 2 & John 4

The TAJ young adults have started studying the book of John! Since we take turns preparing discussion questions and leading, I worked on questions for John 2 and John 4.


My typography class started in April! I’ve created several cool projects so far:

I’m looking forward to seeing what the rest of the semester will bring!

Coursera Updates

I finished Google’s Foundations of Digital Marketing & E-commerce course!

I’m working through all of Google’s Digital Marketing & E-Commerce certificate courses, and hope to complete them by the end of summer (tentative).

I don’t think I would make this into a career, but the information I learn could be useful in other ways (e.g. if I started my own business).

Shadowhunters . . . again!

I first read through The Mortal Instruments two years ago, in February of 2021. Since I recently recommended the series to a friend, I decided to reread the books again.

This experience was a bit different from the first time. The characters felt younger and childish, though I definitely felt they grew up over the course of the series. (Perhaps I have gained some insight, wisdom, and maturity in two years? Let’s hope so.)

cover of strange horticulture game

Steam Puzzle Fest

I love puzzle games. So when Steam announced their Puzzle Fest, I couldn’t resist browsing the offers and choosing a few that looked fun. I ended up with a few co-op games and puzzle mysteries:

  • The Past Within
  • ibb & obb
  • Tick Tock: A Tale for Two
  • Don’t Starve Together — Okay. So, one of my friends really likes this game, even though he says it’s a pretty difficult one (cue me sobbing). It was priced at $14.99, more than any game I’ve bought besides Hogwarts Legacy. I considered it way too expensive, especially since I wasn’t even sure if it was a game I would enjoy playing. But it dropped to the price of $1.49 for two copies during a weekend sale, so I thought, why not?
  • The Sojourn
  • The Last Campfire
  • Still There
  • Midnight Protocol
  • Aethernaut
  • Recursive Ruin
  • Pikuniku
  • Strange Horticulture — I am absolutely IN LOVE with the artwork on this game. Besides the co-op games, it’s definitely the one I was looking most forward to playing from this list. It hasn’t disappointed me; I am enjoying it very much.

It’s definitely time to stop buying games, especially when I have a ton sitting unplayed in my library.

A couple more things

  • Bass Guitar — I’ve started learning to play bass guitar. My index finger is constantly numb. 🙃
  • ADVENT Taiwan — I shall be going to Taiwan for three weeks in July, with my grandma, as part of a short missions trip.

in conclusion

I need to be more productive. I wasn’t able to work as much on my projects as I would’ve liked; I’m partway through a UI revamp of Bible Sleuths, and started the MVP website for Masa HaChaim, but that’s about it.

Anyhow, adios!